You know those “how to find your passion” blog posts? I hate them. If it’s something like “how to make money from your passion” or “how to use your passion to help other people,” that’s maybe a little bit better. But “how to find your passion”? Come on, now.

First off, I think it’s sad if you’re not yet passionate about anything and need a stranger’s guidance to help you figure out what you love to do. That sucks pretty bad. And second, finding something you really like doing isn’t rocket science. Just go do a bunch of different stuff until you find something that is fulfilling and that you really like doing.

The worst (and therefore my favorite) piece of “how to find your passion” advice is this one:

Think back to when you were a child. What did you like to do for fun?

And then there are usually a couple sentences explaining that whatever you loved doing as a kid was your true passion, back before society and the man told you that you couldn’t do that for a living.

I seriously can’t be the only one who thinks this is a terrible idea. You know what I was into as a kid? Gilligan’s Island. I remember one Saturday in particular when our family had tons of laundry to get through and my mom didn’t have enough time to do it. So she paid me a dollar for every load of laundry I did. Miraculously, this coincided with a Gilligan’s Island marathon on TV, and it was probably the greatest day of my life up until that point.

You know what I was into later on, in my teenage years? Setting crap on fire. Thankfully, I outgrew this phase before I killed myself or was arrested.

I’ve changed since I was a kid. You’ve changed since you were a kid. Our likes and dislikes have evolved, and it’s for the better. Now, for example, I watch Biggest Loser or Survivor instead of Gilligan’s Island.

I love being a grownup.