I’ve always loved traveling, but up until a few days ago I didn’t think about why…
I’m currently part-way through a road trip to, through, and around the Pacific Northwest. I started off in Utah, drove through Idaho, drove through Montana, and now I’m in Seattle.A lot of the roads I drove on through Idaho and Montana parallel beautiful mountain rivers. And I realized 1) Utah doesn’t have mountain rivers like these, and 2) I absolutely love these mountain rivers.Utah is a state full of mountains. Lots and lots and lots of mountains. It has the highest average elevation of any state. But it’s also mostly desert. We have narrow, angry streams in the mountains and wide, muddy rivers in the southern deserts, but we don’t have any big, solid mountain rivers.

Rivers like these:

Salmon River, ID

Salmon River, ID (Sorry for the bad photo)

River in Glacier National Park, MT

Flathead River, MT

Clark Fork River, MT

Clark Fork River, MT

So 1) I love big mountain rivers, and 2) they make me happy. And I didn’t know either of those things up until a few days ago.

And that is why I travel. Travel exposes me to a big buffet and I get to pick and choose dishes that suit my tastes and enrich my lives. Sure, some of the dishes might be gross, but it makes everything else taste that much better.