I just redesigned one of my websites.


TristanHigbee.com used to look like this:


But then I redesigned it to look like this:

New TristanHigbee.com

And I freaking love it. I love how simple it is and I love the dinosaur. I love that you don’t have to scroll down the page. I love that there are no other pages on the site.

I have to admit, though, that I totally stole the idea for it. One of my favorite web design galleries is One Page Love, and I saw this site on it not too long ago (made by this guy):


Looking at other people’s stuff is always great for ideas, whether it’s very directly like above (“I should have an ASCII art dinosaur on my site, too!”) or indirectly (“I really like this website’s colors. I’m going to use them on an infographic.”).

And no, I didn’t draw the dinosaur myself. But hey, neither did the other guy.