Here’s what I’d like to get done this upcoming year.

1. Climb an average of one mountain a week

I had the goal in 2011 to climb one new mountain a week. I didn’t meet the goal, but I ended up climbing an average of one new mountain about every two weeks. That’s pretty darn good. This year’s goal isn’t to climb one new mountain a week, just one mountain a week. And hopefully that’ll push me past the point of having climbed 100 mountains total (I’m at 55 or something right now).

The mountains at the top of my list to do this year are Mt. Saint Helens (Washington), Mt. Hood (Oregon), and Grand Teton (Wyoming). I’d also like to climb the tallest mountains in a few more states, possibly Wyoming, Nevada, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona. And of course there are tons of Utah mountains I want to climb (the Ultras, several in the West Desert, some Zion summits, La Sal peaks, etc.).

2. Keep track of every dollar I spend and every dollar I make

I’m good at being frugal, but I’m not so good at keeping track of the things I do spend money on. This year I’m going to keep track of every dollar I make and spend. I’ll probably do it in Evernote because I don’t like Excel.

3. Release one new product every month 

I spent the past year building up my blogs and readership. This year my focus will be on creating and releasing more infoproducts. The plan is to release at least one every calendar month. If I release two in a month, it won’t count for two months.

4. Do daily language study

My degree is in linguistics and studying languages is something I love, though I haven’t been doing it much lately. I’m going to be learning Spanish while also polishing up my Russian, Ukrainian, English, and whatever else I feel interested in. I might throw some Chinese and Polish in there. It doesn’t matter what language I study every day; I just want to be doing something language-related every day.

5. Go to another country

I haven’t been out of the US since 2007, and it’s time. I’d love to go to Mexico or somewhere else in Central or South America and climb a big volcano or two. This is probably the least important goal for me on the list here, but it’d still be nice to do.

6. Create no new blogs

I’ve got enough blogs and don’t need any more. I’ll make new websites for the various new infoproducts I’ll be creating, but I should be able to promote everything with the blogs I already have.