Well, I’ve been in Mexico for one month now.

First, I love Mexico City. It’s colorful and beautiful (where I am, anyway) and interesting. The weather is awesome. The food is great. It is a fantastic place to live. The plan is to be here for 2 more months before going to San Miguel for a month and then Cozumel for 2 months, after which I’ll head into Belize and Guatemala and the other countries further south. But I can see myself coming back to Mexico City in the future.

It’s odd that I love both huge cities and the great outdoors. For the past several years I’ve been hiking and climbing a LOT (just look at the majority of posts here on the blog) and it’s so nice to be in a big city again. There’s just an energy that you can feel in really big cities that you can’t feel anywhere else. I’m strangely OK with not climbing and not being in nature.

Not speaking Spanish has proven to be a bit of a struggle. I’m learning, but slowly. I spend the vast majority of my time working, so my life now really isn’t that different from my life in the States. The biggest difference is the change in venue.

I’m addicted to these amazing little chocolate cookies, and I get a big cup of freshly cut mangos every day (for ~$1.50).

This is a great place with a fascinating history.

It’s good to be here.